Discover Advantages of Renting, Guidelines, and What to Look for in a Construction Equipment Rental Company

Are you a hard-core DIYer taking on a home remodel? Or a general contractor with multiple, simultaneous construction projects in process? Have you decided to overhaul your current landscape design, but don’t have a brush hog or stump grinder just sitting in your garage? The right equipment for the job can help you or your construction company remain within budget and successfully meet your timeline for completion. One thing is for sure – you have a job to do, and you need the appropriate tools and machines to accomplish the task.

At Badger Contractors Rental and Supply, renting used construction equipment is one of our many specialties. This article will provide you with all the information you need in your decision making process. Continue reading to…

Construction Equipment for Rent Offers a Number of Advantages

Renting used construction equipment is an increasingly popular option and offers many potential advantages. When adding heavy equipment to your permanent fleet or inventory isn’t economically or logistically viable, renting heavy construction equipment could be the easy and sensible choice. Determining whether the rental option is the appropriate one means weighing several factors.

How frequently will this equipment be needed? If you will only use the specialized equipment for a single construction project, or you will use this equipment less than 60% of the time, then equipment rentals are likely the sound option.

Can you feasibly store the tools and machinery? Construction equipment comes in all sizes: compact, mid-size, and large. Renting construction equipment vs. buying may come down to whether you have the storage capacity. Renting heavy equipment in particular will save valuable storage space.

Is buying a budget-friendly option? The two primary advantages to buying are return on investment and access to the equipment at any time. However, the return on investment is impacted by depreciation and costs associated with repair and maintenance. Additionally, with rapid advances in technology, newer models of heavy machinery may render your machine outdated when it is time for resale. When your money is in the bank and not tied up in heavy equipment such as a bulldozer or loader, you are better positioned financially to meet other business needs.

Costs Associated with Renting Equipment

  • Rental Rate
  • Delivery and Pick-Up Charges
  • Rental Insurance
  • Potential Fees for Late Return or Need to Extend Rental Contract

Costs Associated with Buying Equipment

  • Price of Equipment
  • Transportation Costs
  • Insurance
  • Storage Fees
  • Regular Maintenance and Repairs

Follow These 8 Tips When Renting Used Construction Equipment

Compare Equipment Rental Rates: The rates alone can make or break your decision to rent from one company vs. another. But keep in mind, rental rates don’t tell the whole story. While you want a competitive rate, you want to avoid sacrificing quality in customer support and service.

Be Aware of Additional Fees: Make sure to inquire about additional fees such as delivery, pick-up, rental insurance, or any potential fee you may incur if maintenance or emergency repairs are needed.

Ensure Adequate Training and Instruction for Use: Does the rental company include training for operating heavy construction equipment? When using specialized equipment that is not part of your typical fleet or inventory, you may be unfamiliar with the features of the machine. This can have implications for both safety and time. You want to ensure that you and your employees on the job site are secure and comfortable with the rental equipment, and appropriate training regarding the specifications and performance of the vehicle or tool is essential to your peace of mind. Know-how also minimizes down-time. With proper education and training from the equipment rental service, you can ensure efficiency of use.

Know the Policies: Every rental company will have standard policies with which you should be familiar. A reputable company such as Badger will review these rental contract policies with you to cover all the what-ifs. Considerations may include return, payment, or cancellation policies. Be aware of any penalty that may result from returning the equipment late. If weather, supply, or workforce issues cause delays in completion, contact the vendor as soon as possible to discuss options for extending the construction equipment rental period. Consider whether renting equipment for a longer rental period may offer savings, or find out if the inverse, decreasing your rental time, may save you money. Protect yourself, your business, and your clients with a thorough understanding of company policies.

Assure Maintenance and Repair Coverage: Before signing on the dotted line of the rental agreement, you’ll want confirmation that the rental equipment you are paying for is in top working condition and well-maintained. Inquire about the regular maintenance schedule. Reliable and upstanding companies will keep detailed documentation of maintenance, repair, and rental history. If the machine unexpectedly requires repair on the construction site while in your possession, you’ll want to work with a vendor who will provide a speedy and exceptional response to your needs.

Confirm Scheduling and Availability: There is no typical start and stop time for the workday in the construction business. The type of work on any given day is influenced by weather, hours of daylight, construction timelines, and the type of work that is required. Work may be necessary on the weekend or into the evening (as is often the case with road construction). It’s important to know your vendor’s delivery and pick-up times and their general hours of operation, particularly pertaining to repairs. Knowing when you can reach a technician or a customer service representative may save you time and stress.

Rent from Experts in the Equipment Rental Industry with a Well-Stocked Inventory: Your vendor should carry reliable and time-tested brands. You have an idea of the types of light or heavy equipment needed for any given project based on its scope and project type. Knowing you’ll need a trailer at the time of demolition and an excavator or wheel loader at the time of grading is clear. But due to ever-changing timelines caused by inclement weather or supply chain issues, etc., you don’t always know the exact dates you’ll need the equipment. For this reason, choose a vendor with a well-stocked fleet so that your project isn’t delayed due to low inventory of vehicles or equipment.

Read the Reviews: Do your homework and find out what others have to say about their experiences with each equipment rental agency you consider. Reviews generally contain useful information about customer service, quality of the rented equipment, and knowledge of the vendor and employees. A history of poor reviews is like a flashing hazard sign – stop where you are, danger ahead! Consistent, positive reviews can indicate you’re on the right track in securing a vendor.

How to Rent Construction Equipment Near Me

Now you have a checklist of tips and guidelines, and it’s time to find the best rental agency for your construction needs. Experts in the construction industry will be able to steer you in the right direction. You need to look for an established, time-tested business like Badger Contractors Rental and Supply. At Badger, we offer a wide variety of inventory for rent such as power tools, light construction equipment, and heavy-duty machinery. Like Badger, a reputable and dependable company puts the customer first. Your success is their success. 

The company should guarantee their rental equipment and provide an easy-to-understand and uncomplicated rental agreement. You’ll know they have your safety and best interests top-of-mind with their superior customer support, maintenance records, and training. Most often, you’ll find this type of excellence in service when you work with businesses that have a long track record of putting their potential customers first rather than the bottom line. When you find the right company, you’ll know by the hand-shake, warm greeting, and genuine interest in supporting you and your project’s success.

Contact Badger for All Your Equipment Rental Needs

If you can locate a construction equipment rental firm that checks all of the following boxes, you can feel confident that you have found a reliable and equally invested partner in your success.

Looking for an equipment rental supplier in Madison or Janesville, Wisconsin or the surrounding areas? Badger Contractors Rental and Supply will check all those boxes and more. Give us a call today!