Tips for Renting Construction Equipment – Your Complete Blueprint

Discover Advantages of Renting, Guidelines, and What to Look for in a Construction Equipment Rental Company

Are you a hard-core DIYer taking on a home remodel? Or a general contractor with multiple, simultaneous construction projects in process? Have you decided to overhaul your current landscape design, but don’t have a brush hog or stump grinder just sitting in your garage? The right equipment for the job can help you or your construction company remain within budget and successfully meet your timeline for completion. One thing is for sure – you have a job to do, and you need the appropriate tools and machines to accomplish the task.

At Badger Contractors Rental and Supply, renting used construction equipment is one of our many specialties. This article will provide you with all the information you need in your decision making process. Continue reading to…

Construction Equipment for Rent Offers a Number of Advantages

Renting used construction equipment is an increasingly popular option and offers many potential advantages. When adding heavy equipment to your permanent fleet or inventory isn’t economically or logistically viable, renting heavy construction equipment could be the easy and sensible choice. Determining whether the rental option is the appropriate one means weighing several factors.

How frequently will this equipment be needed? If you will only use the specialized equipment for a single construction project, or you will use this equipment less than 60% of the time, then equipment rentals are likely the sound option.

Can you feasibly store the tools and machinery? Construction equipment comes in all sizes: compact, mid-size, and large. Renting construction equipment vs. buying may come down to whether you have the storage capacity. Renting heavy equipment in particular will save valuable storage space.

Is buying a budget-friendly option? The two primary advantages to buying are return on investment and access to the equipment at any time. However, the return on investment is impacted by depreciation and costs associated with repair and maintenance. Additionally, with rapid advances in technology, newer models of heavy machinery may render your machine outdated when it is time for resale. When your money is in the bank and not tied up in heavy equipment such as a bulldozer or loader, you are better positioned financially to meet other business needs.

Costs Associated with Renting Equipment

  • Rental Rate
  • Delivery and Pick-Up Charges
  • Rental Insurance
  • Potential Fees for Late Return or Need to Extend Rental Contract

Costs Associated with Buying Equipment

  • Price of Equipment
  • Transportation Costs
  • Insurance
  • Storage Fees
  • Regular Maintenance and Repairs

Follow These 8 Tips When Renting Used Construction Equipment

Compare Equipment Rental Rates: The rates alone can make or break your decision to rent from one company vs. another. But keep in mind, rental rates don’t tell the whole story. While you want a competitive rate, you want to avoid sacrificing quality in customer support and service.

Be Aware of Additional Fees: Make sure to inquire about additional fees such as delivery, pick-up, rental insurance, or any potential fee you may incur if maintenance or emergency repairs are needed.

Ensure Adequate Training and Instruction for Use: Does the rental company include training for operating heavy construction equipment? When using specialized equipment that is not part of your typical fleet or inventory, you may be unfamiliar with the features of the machine. This can have implications for both safety and time. You want to ensure that you and your employees on the job site are secure and comfortable with the rental equipment, and appropriate training regarding the specifications and performance of the vehicle or tool is essential to your peace of mind. Know-how also minimizes down-time. With proper education and training from the equipment rental service, you can ensure efficiency of use.

Know the Policies: Every rental company will have standard policies with which you should be familiar. A reputable company such as Badger will review these rental contract policies with you to cover all the what-ifs. Considerations may include return, payment, or cancellation policies. Be aware of any penalty that may result from returning the equipment late. If weather, supply, or workforce issues cause delays in completion, contact the vendor as soon as possible to discuss options for extending the construction equipment rental period. Consider whether renting equipment for a longer rental period may offer savings, or find out if the inverse, decreasing your rental time, may save you money. Protect yourself, your business, and your clients with a thorough understanding of company policies.

Assure Maintenance and Repair Coverage: Before signing on the dotted line of the rental agreement, you’ll want confirmation that the rental equipment you are paying for is in top working condition and well-maintained. Inquire about the regular maintenance schedule. Reliable and upstanding companies will keep detailed documentation of maintenance, repair, and rental history. If the machine unexpectedly requires repair on the construction site while in your possession, you’ll want to work with a vendor who will provide a speedy and exceptional response to your needs.

Confirm Scheduling and Availability: There is no typical start and stop time for the workday in the construction business. The type of work on any given day is influenced by weather, hours of daylight, construction timelines, and the type of work that is required. Work may be necessary on the weekend or into the evening (as is often the case with road construction). It’s important to know your vendor’s delivery and pick-up times and their general hours of operation, particularly pertaining to repairs. Knowing when you can reach a technician or a customer service representative may save you time and stress.

Rent from Experts in the Equipment Rental Industry with a Well-Stocked Inventory: Your vendor should carry reliable and time-tested brands. You have an idea of the types of light or heavy equipment needed for any given project based on its scope and project type. Knowing you’ll need a trailer at the time of demolition and an excavator or wheel loader at the time of grading is clear. But due to ever-changing timelines caused by inclement weather or supply chain issues, etc., you don’t always know the exact dates you’ll need the equipment. For this reason, choose a vendor with a well-stocked fleet so that your project isn’t delayed due to low inventory of vehicles or equipment.

Read the Reviews: Do your homework and find out what others have to say about their experiences with each equipment rental agency you consider. Reviews generally contain useful information about customer service, quality of the rented equipment, and knowledge of the vendor and employees. A history of poor reviews is like a flashing hazard sign – stop where you are, danger ahead! Consistent, positive reviews can indicate you’re on the right track in securing a vendor.

How to Rent Construction Equipment Near Me

Now you have a checklist of tips and guidelines, and it’s time to find the best rental agency for your construction needs. Experts in the construction industry will be able to steer you in the right direction. You need to look for an established, time-tested business like Badger Contractors Rental and Supply. At Badger, we offer a wide variety of inventory for rent such as power tools, light construction equipment, and heavy-duty machinery. Like Badger, a reputable and dependable company puts the customer first. Your success is their success. 

The company should guarantee their rental equipment and provide an easy-to-understand and uncomplicated rental agreement. You’ll know they have your safety and best interests top-of-mind with their superior customer support, maintenance records, and training. Most often, you’ll find this type of excellence in service when you work with businesses that have a long track record of putting their potential customers first rather than the bottom line. When you find the right company, you’ll know by the hand-shake, warm greeting, and genuine interest in supporting you and your project’s success.

Contact Badger for All Your Equipment Rental Needs

If you can locate a construction equipment rental firm that checks all of the following boxes, you can feel confident that you have found a reliable and equally invested partner in your success.

Looking for an equipment rental supplier in Madison or Janesville, Wisconsin or the surrounding areas? Badger Contractors Rental and Supply will check all those boxes and more. Give us a call today!

Tips for Buying Used Construction Equipment

For a construction business owner or the hardcore DIYer, the question of buying used construction equipment versus renting it comes down to several factors or areas of consideration. Having the right light or heavy equipment is essential for a business owner or individual to improve productivity and reduce physical demand on workers. Determining the best option for you requires a bit of research and consideration of details that apply to your needs and situation. Knowing what to seek out and also what to avoid is critical to finding valuable machines, tools, and heavy equipment to suit your requirements. 

Are you in need of a boom lift? How about an excavator? Perhaps you need a compact track loader, a skid steer loader, or an asphalt paver. From construction vehicles and concrete equipment, to tools, generators, scaffolding, and all things landscaping, you want high-quality materials you can rely on to get the job done well. The right equipment for the job is essential to your success. The best equipment at the best price may indeed be used materials and vehicles with a record of regular maintenance and care. While used equipment is likely no longer shiny and spotless, it can get the job done with quality and efficiency if it has been well-maintained.

Should You Buy Used Construction Equipment?

Buying used construction equipment rather than renting (or perhaps buying new equipment) comes down to 4 factors of consideration:

  • Budget and Cost Efficiency
  • Condition of the Equipment with Proof of Regular Maintenance
  • Finding a Dependable and Respectable Equipment Dealer
  • Operator Skill, Safety, and Working Conditions

Badger Contractors Rental and Supply is here to help you examine each of these facets and apply them to your unique situation so you can minimize risks and maximize opportunities for success.

Tuff Truck
Badger is a construction equipment supplier that specializes in tools like this Hydraulic Breaker.
Badger is a construction equipment supplier that specializes in tools like this Multiquip TB11E Tufftruk Walk Behind Power Buggy.

Budget and Cost Efficiency Considerations

Among the most important tips for any used equipment purchase is to ensure that you’ve considered your budget and the potential value that owning used equipment and tools may provide. In order to make this determination, ask yourself the following questions…

  1. What is your budget? Can you or your business afford the materials or heavy equipment? Do you have the money to buy it outright, or will you need a loan? If you are considering the purchase of heavy equipment such as a wheel loader, dump truck, or other construction vehicle, take into account the market projections for the equipment. Might newer models be necessary for the execution of jobs in the near future, or will upgrades be unnecessary in the short-term?

  2. How long and how frequently do you expect to use the equipment? Given the nature of your business or tasks, is this something you will use on a regular basis? The number of operating hours needed from your equipment will help you determine whether this is something you should own or rent as needed.

  3. Can you store it? This question is one of the simplest to answer. If you have the space and a consistent location option for storage, then buying might be a solid choice. If you don’t realistically have a viable storage option, then consider renting.

  4. Will the new-to-you, pre owned equipment exceed the efficiency and quality of what you currently have available to you? The old adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” may apply here.

What is the Condition of the Used Construction Equipment for Sale?

Whether you are in the market for heavy equipment or light tools and materials, you’ll want to be confident that you are getting the best for your money. Second hand equipment doesn’t need to be pretty to get the job done right. It should, however, be in good condition. Before parting with your hard-earned money, you need assurance that the equipment is well-maintained

Longevity is important when buying pre owned equipment. To safeguard against purchasing potential “lemons,” and to verify there’s lots of life left in your investment, you’ll need to do your homework. One of the most important tips for buying used construction equipment is to know its history, especially when heavy equipment is powered by gas or electricity. 

Who owned this equipment? Did someone keep track of each operating hour? What does the maintenance record detail? 

If these aren’t questions you can answer with satisfaction, you will likely want to keep searching. Additionally, if this industrial machinery is a heavy-duty vehicle, take note of:

  • Any structural damage – If it’s been doing its job, used light or heavy equipment will certainly have scratches and marks. But damage to the structure that could impact the performance of the equipment should be avoided.
  • The condition of the undercarriage – Is there rust? Is there evidence of leaking transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid or engine oil?
  • Note any non-functional equipment – This can include gauges, levers, emergency equipment, power systems, lights and sounds, etc.
  • Check that fluid levels are consistent.
  • Presence of smoke, odors, or unusual noises – Always turn the vehicle or machine on so that you can verify that it runs without these potential red flags
  • Look out for thin tire tread – Adequate tread on heavy equipment facilitates proper traction and braking.

Ensure That Your Search for Used Construction Equipment Near Me Locates a Vetted Dealer

Buying used tools or heavy construction equipment is a strategic way to save money. Buying industrial machinery from the wrong vendor can result in unpleasant surprises. A trusted merchant would never sell you something they wouldn’t use themselves. If you make the decision to buy used construction equipment, be wary of private sellers. You’ll want to buy from a trusted and experienced equipment dealer like Badger Contractors Rental and Supply who have the capability of servicing both light and heavy equipment as well. You will want a dealer who is familiar with the history of the machine and can provide service and repair on-site or in the field. 

While you might be able to save some money by purchasing from the previous owner who is acting as the private seller, lower prices may cost you more in the long run. No known history, a lack of references and reviews, and a refusal to allow third-party inspections are warning signs that you are not dealing with a trusted vendor. Reputable dealers like Badger offer services and security through:

  • Equipment or machine history
  • Sourcing for parts when needed
  • Inspections
  • Potential financing
  • Possible warranty extensions
  • Repair and maintenance
MBW GP2000 Plate Compactor 20" x 22" Honda 5.5 HP

Considerations of Purchasing Used Equipment Regarding Worksite and Employee Skill and Safety

Just as you would only consider buying used equipment that you will frequently use, you’ll want to buy tools or heavy machinery that is suitable for your worksite and employees. Before parting with your money, regardless of renting or buying used equipment, understand your worksite conditions and what they demand. Give thought to weather or chemical exposure. Will your construction machinery encounter salt brine, snowmelt, or acids? Fertilizer can have corrosive effects on equipment. Consider the terrain of your worksites. Will you need snow chains or tracks? Taking into account all the factors that your worksite and weather conditions will have on your construction machinery may help you to project how long it may last or how often it will require maintenance.

Additionally, you’ll need to consider the needs of your employees and/or operators of any heavy equipment. Is the operator’s skill level adequate or will they need training? Are there attachments for this heavy equipment that the employees can safely remove or apply? Attachments can range from buckets and rakes to rippers and compactors. Attachments may also necessitate use of hydraulics, computer systems, or mounting equipment. Construction technology evolves along with everything else in today’s world. 

You’ll also want to know whether you’ll be dealing with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement parts or aftermarket parts. Due to slight differences in design, aftermarket parts will not always provide the same fit as OEM parts. Having a team that is fully capable of and comfortable with safely attaching, using, and detaching any accessories will be essential.

To Buy or Not to Buy? Now You Are Better Prepared for the Decision

A potential buyer has much to consider with the complex issue of buying used equipment. Budget and compatibility with your business, condition of the secondhand equipment, locating a dependable and experienced vendor, and employee and worksite considerations are the four main factors that will inform your decision. To further explore these issues when it comes to your individual situation, reach out to a local and trusted construction supply company such as Badger Contractors Rental and Supply in Madison and Janesville, Wisconsin, where exceptional customer service is a top priority. A reliable vendor will listen to what you tell them about your business or construction project needs and will advise you accordingly with your company’s interests in mind.

DIY Construction Projects in Wisconsin Made Easy with Badger Contractors Rental and Supply

Wisconsin, known for its picturesque landscapes and dynamic construction projects, is a haven for DIY enthusiasts, general contractors, and construction businesses. If you’re about to embark on a construction venture, whether a home improvement project or a large-scale commercial development, you need the right tools for the job. Enter Badger Contractors Rental and Supply, your ultimate source for construction equipment and tools.

Are you an individual looking for an easy DIY project or a general contractor looking to spruce up your outdoor space? Maybe you are looking to embark on some home improvement projects in Wisconsin. If so, you’re in luck! Wisconsin offers a beautiful canvas for DIY tasks, and with the right tools and equipment, your home or commercial projects can be transformed.

With our expertise in construction equipment sales, rentals, and service, Badger Contractor Rental and Supply is here to help. We help make each DIY home improvement project and commercial endeavor dream a reality. Whether you’re an experienced general contractor or a passionate homeowner looking to complete a DIY home project, Badger has you covered.

Why Choose Badger for Your DIY Construction Project?

With its diverse commercial outdoor spaces and charming homes, Wisconsin provides the perfect backdrop for a wide range of DIY projects. From creating a dreamy outdoor oasis to giving your home or business exterior a makeover, there’s no shortage of projects to tackle. And when it comes to DIY, the right tools are essential to success. We all love our family handyman, but some projects we can take pride in tackling ourselves.

DIY Tasks Made Easier with the Right Tools

Explore the World of DIY with Badger Contractors Rental and Supply

Badger is not just a company; we are your partner in your home improvement journey. We also work closely with business contractors looking to make commercial outdoor spaces more inviting. We understand the significance of having the right tools and equipment to bring your vision to life and offer various solutions to meet your DIY needs.

1. Outdoor Space Transformation

Your outdoor space is a canvas waiting to be adorned. Whether you dream of a lush garden, a comfortable patio, or a stylish pergola, Badger has the tools you need. From mini-excavators to skid steers, we provide the heavy equipment required to dig post holes, create foundations, or level the terrain for your outdoor haven. If you want to extend your driveway or sidewalk, there is no shortage of concrete tools to increase the curb appeal of your homes exterior.

2. Tackling DIY Tasks with Ease

For an easy DIY project, the circular saw is your trusty companion. It can handle tasks from precision cuts to larger-scale renovations. Badger offers the perfect circular saw for your DIY needs, ensuring that your projects are carried out precisely and efficiently.

3. Tile Work and Home Improvement

Regarding tile, most people focus solely on those inside the home or commercial space. Did you know that adding or replacing concrete stamps outside your home is a fantastic way to enhance your home’s exterior? Stamped concrete is just as important for commercial spaces, making it more inviting and aesthetically pleasing for potential clients. Badger provides the necessary tools and equipment to ensure your project succeeds. There is nothing like a beautiful piece of outdoor furniture that compliments well-designed and installed concrete stamps

4. DIY Construction Projects for All

Badger welcomes everyone, whether you’re an experienced general contractor or a novice homeowner. Our team of experts can provide guidance and personalized advice to help you achieve your project goals. A DIY task may seem daunting, but with the right equipment, it is feasible and something to take pride in.

5. Power Tools for DIY Homeowners and Professional Contractors

Badger caters to professional contractors and homeowners looking to wield power tools for their home improvement projects. Rent or purchase the tools you need to elevate your home with ease.

Badger caters to professional contractors and homeowners looking to wield power tools for their home improvement projects. Rent or purchase the tools you need to elevate your home with ease. 

With many products, Badger Contractor Rental and Supply has the solutions to turn your vision into reality. Here’s a glimpse of what we have to offer:

Air Compressors

When your projects demand high-pressure air for pneumatic tools and applications, Badger has a selection of air compressors that deliver power and performance.

mi t m air compressor

Air Tools - Breakers / Chipping Hammers

For tasks like concrete demolition and chipping, Badger provides air tools designed to handle these demanding applications with ease and precision.

Chipping Hammer

Brush Chippers / Wood Chippers

Landscaping or tree removal projects are a breeze with Badger’s brush and wood chippers, ensuring efficient and safe disposal of debris.


Compaction Equipment - Plates / Rammers / Rollers

Whether you’re working on asphalt, soil, or concrete, Badger’s compaction equipment ensures proper compaction and stability for your projects.


Concrete Finishing & Placing Equipment

From concrete mixers and screeds to power trowels and concrete saws, Badger offers a comprehensive selection of concrete equipment to complete your projects with finesse.


Concrete Floor Grinding / Polishing / Surface Prep

Achieve flawless concrete surfaces with Badger’s floor grinding and polishing tools, designed to deliver professional-grade results.

Bosch Surface Grinder

Core Drills & Core Bits

When you need precise holes in concrete, stone, or masonry, Badger’s core drills and core bits provide the desired accuracy.

Decorative Concrete Stamps

Elevate your concrete surfaces with decorative patterns and designs using Badger’s decorative concrete stamps.

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Dehumidifiers / Air Movers / Carpet Blowers

For drying and climate control, Badger offers dehumidifiers, air movers, and carpet blowers to maintain a conducive working environment.

Dri-Eaz Ace Air Mover

Drywall Lift / Texture Gun / Wallpaper Steamer / Metal Brake

Get your interiors in perfect shape with Badger’s drywall lift, texture gun, wallpaper steamer, and metal brake tools.

Wallpaper Steamer

Electric Tools & Demo Tools

Whether drilling, sawing, or demolishing, Badger’s electric and demo tools are engineered to make your projects more efficient.

Floor Strippers

When it’s time to replace or renovate flooring, Badger’s floor strippers are the solution for efficient and clean removal.

Walk Behind Floor Stripper


Keep your operations running smoothly with Badger’s reliable generators, ensuring power even in remote job sites.

Honda EB3000 Generator


Badger’s heaters keep you and your crew comfortable and productive when the temperatures drop.

LB White Kerosene Heaters


Stay safe and reach new heights with Badger’s sturdy ladders for various tasks.

An image of a 40' Extension Ladder.

Landscaping Equipment

Transform outdoor spaces with ease using Badger’s landscaping equipment, including mini-excavators, skid steers, and attachments.

Lifts - Boom / Scissor / Genie

For reaching elevated work areas, Badger offers a range of lifts for various applications.

Genie Lift

Lighting Solutions

Illuminate your workspace with Badger’s lighting solutions for enhanced safety and productivity.

LTW20 Wide Body Vertical Mast Light Towers

Mixers - Concrete / Mortar

Mix and pour concrete and mortar with precision using Badger’s concrete and mortar mixers.

An image of a mixer.

Moving Equipment - Dollys, Jacks, Machine Skates

Make heavy lifting a breeze with Badger’s assortment of moving equipment.

Appliance Dolly

Post Pounders

Secure fences or structures with Badger’s post pounders, making installation simple.

Pressure Washers

Keep surfaces clean and free from dirt and grime with Badger’s pressure washers.

Pumps - Trash / Submersible

Ensure efficient water management with Badger’s trash and submersible pumps.

Honda WB30XT3A - 290 GPM (3") Water Pump

Sanders - Wood Sanders | Flooring Tools

Achieve smooth and polished surfaces with Badger’s wood sanders and flooring tools.

Magna-Trap® Dual-Disc 115V Electric Floor Grinder

Saws - Concrete / Asphalt / Brick & Block / Tile

Badger’s saws provide precision and speed from cutting concrete to tile.

Husqvarna 20In. FS 413 Walk-Behind Concrete Saw


Reach new heights safely with Badger’s reliable scaffolding solutions.

Scaffold Tower

Skid Steer - Mini Excavator - Walk Behind Skid Steer

Complete your construction tasks with the power of skid steers, mini-excavators, and their attachments.

Stump Grinders / Log Splitter

Clear your land easily using Badger’s stump grinders and log splitters.

Push Stump Grinder

Surveying Equipment - Rotary Lasers / Transit / Metal Detector

Ensure precise measurements and layouts with Badger’s surveying equipment.

Metal Detector


Clear your land easily using Badger’s stump grinders and log splitters.



Dig trenches efficiently and accurately with Badger’s trenching equipment.


With Badger Contractor Rental and Supply in Wisconsin, you have a trusted partner for all your construction equipment needs. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a DIY enthusiast, Badger’s comprehensive inventory of tools and equipment ensures that your projects proceed smoothly and efficiently. Visit our website today to explore our vast product range. Visit one of our stores as well for a DIY tutorial.

Badger's Commitment to Excellence

Badger Contractor Rental and Supply is committed to delivering top-notch equipment and excellent customer service. Our extensive inventory is here to meet your construction and landscaping needs.

With decades of experience, Badger Contractor Rental and Supply is your trusted partner for all your DIY construction projects in Wisconsin. Visit our website at Badger Contractors Rental and Supply to explore our offerings and see how we can make your DIY projects a breeze.

Turn your home improvement dreams into reality with Badger’s concrete tools and construction equipment. Wisconsin’s beautiful landscapes and charming homes are waiting for your personal touch!

Winter Construction Projects – How To Navigate Wisconsin’s Frozen Tundra

The cold of Wisconsin and its effect on winter construction projects

Wisconsin winters are both breathtakingly beautiful and bitterly cold, but for construction professionals, they pose unique challenges. Operating heavy machinery and conducting construction projects in freezing temperatures and snow-covered job sites requires specialized equipment and strategies to ensure that projects remain on schedule and on budget.

In this article, we’ll explore the essential equipment and supplies available at Badger Contractors Rental and Supply, which can help construction professionals overcome the winter construction hurdles in Wisconsin. With locations in Madison and Janesville, a large product inventory, and proper equipment storage, we are here to serve.

How Badger can help you tackle your construction project this winter

We have an extensive line of rental and sales equipment at Badger to help. Below is a list of products that have helped many people in our Madison and Janesville markets. If you have any specific questions about a product, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (608) 257-2349 or email us.

Rental Equipment for Winter Construction

Forced Air Heaters:

When the temperatures drop, and the job site becomes a frigid environment, forced air heaters become essential tools. These heaters efficiently and consistently provide warmth, ensuring your workspace remains comfortable, regardless of how chilly it gets. Forced air heaters are ideal for various applications, from concrete curing to paint drying, allowing you to maintain productivity during winter.

LB White Kerosene Heaters

LP Powered Concrete Buggies:

Transporting materials in snowy and icy conditions can be a daunting task. LP-powered concrete buggies solve this problem, making material handling a breeze even in challenging terrains. Whether you’re working on a construction site or a renovation project, these versatile machines are designed to move heavy loads efficiently, ensuring that your project stays on track.

Propane Power Buggy

Battery-Powered Cut-Off Saw:

Traditional cut-off saws, especially in winter, can be cumbersome due to their cords and emissions. Battery-powered cut-off saws offer a cleaner and more efficient solution for cutting concrete, masonry, and metal. These products are perfect for indoor and outdoor winter tasks, providing portability and reduced maintenance.

Husqvarna, Self-propelled early entry saw. 1.125in.-2.75in. cut., Blade Diameter 12 in, Power Type Gasoline, Model# SOFF CUT 4000 w/VAC PORT

Floor Grinders (Floor Prep):

Floor preparation is often a significant part of winter construction projects. Floor grinders are the go-to products for leveling, smoothing, and grinding concrete surfaces, ensuring that your floors are ready for the next phase of your project. Their versatility and efficiency are essential in cold-weather environments.

Electric Scarifier:

Electric scarifiers are indispensable in winter construction for efficiently removing coatings, corrosion, or roughening concrete surfaces. These machines are designed to prepare surfaces by providing a clean canvas for coatings or overlays, which is essential for achieving the best results in your project.

Edco Scarifier

Shot Blaster w/ Vac:

Surface preparation is a vital step in winter construction, particularly when it comes to removing contaminants and creating an ideal substrate for coatings or overlays. Shot blasters with integrated vacuums are the perfect solution for these tasks, ensuring the durability and longevity of your winter project.

Shot Blaster with Vacuum

For any of these rental items, we encourage you to visit our rentals page at and put in a request. We are known for our customer service at Badger, and a friendly representative is here to help you.

Sales Items for Winter Construction Projects

Concrete Blankets:

Freshly poured concrete is especially vulnerable to freezing temperatures. Concrete blankets are designed to protect and insulate the curing concrete, preventing frost damage and ensuring the structural integrity of your winter projects.

Battery Powered Tools:

Battery-powered tools offer the versatility and freedom to work efficiently in any winter environment. Whether you need cordless drills, saws, or other power tools, these items provide the convenience of cordless operation, allowing you to focus on the task at hand without constraints.

Epoxy Supplies:

Epoxy applications are common in construction, especially for coatings and adhesives. Badger Contractors Rental and Supply offer a wide selection of epoxy supplies to meet your bonding and finishing requirements with quality and precision, even in winter conditions.

Pressure Washer:

Maintaining cleanliness on your construction site is crucial, especially during winter when dirt and grime accumulate. A pressure washer is essential to keep your equipment and work areas clean. It helps prevent corrosion and ensures a safe and organized job site.

Air Compressor:

An air compressor is a versatile piece of equipment vital for winter construction. It can power a wide range of tools, such as nail guns, impact wrenches, and paint sprayers, making your winter projects more efficient and convenient. We have the air compressor for rent or sale at Badger.

mi t m air compressor

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these items, we invite you to visit our sales page at and submit a request. At Badger, our commitment to exceptional customer service is well-known, and our dedicated representatives are ready to assist you with a smile.

Success in winter construction projects with Badger Contractors Rental and Supply

Navigating the cold Wisconsin winter construction challenges is possible with the right equipment and supplies. Badger Contractors Rental and Supply understands the unique demands of winter construction in Wisconsin and offers a comprehensive range of rental equipment and sales items to ensure your projects run smoothly, efficiently, and safely, even in the coldest months.

Whether you need forced air heaters to keep your crew warm, concrete buggies to handle materials in challenging conditions, or epoxy supplies to ensure proper bonding and finishing, Badger Contractors Rental and Supply has you covered. Don’t let winter slow you down; equip yourself with the necessary tools and supplies to overcome the challenges and succeed in your winter construction projects.


Our extensive inventory and product storage space at Badger is designed to meet your specific needs. Equip your team with the tools and resources necessary to make your winter construction projects a success. Contact Badger Contractors Rental and Supply to explore how our products and services can enhance your winter construction endeavors, ensuring that your projects stay on track, no matter how cold. Request a quote today and see the difference in our level of service.

Construction Vehicles

Construction vehicles and their importance...

Construction vehicles play a vital role in the building and development of infrastructure around the world. These machines range from bulldozers and excavators to cranes and dump trucks. This equipment helps construction companies complete projects safely, efficiently, and on time. Our new article will explore construction vehicles’ importance and role in the construction industry. 

First and foremost, construction vehicles are essential for moving large amounts of earth, rocks, and debris. These machines require construction workers to rely on manual labor and hand tools to clear land and make way for new projects. Manual labor would significantly slow the construction process and increase the risk of worker injury.

Types of construction vehicles at Badger...

  1. The Gas Concrete Mixer- A gas concrete mixer is a type of concrete mixer powered by a gas engine. Concrete mixers mix cement, water, and aggregates, such as sand and gravel, to create concrete. Concrete is a building material often used in construction. Gas concrete mixers are used in remote areas without access to electricity or where the electricity supply is unreliable. They are also helpful for construction projects that require a portable concrete mixer that transitions from one location to another.
  2. An Excavator- Excavators are used to dig trenches, foundations, and holes. Their design is one with a large bucket attached to a long arm that can reach deep into the ground. Excavators can also be used for demolition and other tasks, making them versatile tools for any construction project. They are crucial construction vehicles. These machines dig deep holes, trenches, and foundations for buildings. They also remove soil, rocks, and debris from construction sites.
  3. The Road Roller- A road roller is a heavy construction machine used to compact and flatten surfaces of asphalt, concrete, or other materials to create a smooth and durable road surface. Road rollers are commonly used on construction sites, highways, and other large paving projects to ensure the surface is solid and durable enough to withstand heavy traffic and weather conditions. They also help with other construction tasks such as laying new pipes, flattening and compacting soil and preparing building sites.
  4. Trailer- Trailers transport heavy loads, such as equipment and building materials. They attach to a motor vehicle and can be open or enclosed. Trailers come in various sizes and can be customized to fit specific construction needs.
  5. Compactor- Mobile Compactors compact soil, gravel, and other materials to create a solid foundation. They have a heavy roller or plate that compresses the material. Compactors come in various sizes and can be customized to fit specific construction needs.
  6. Stump Grinder- A stump grinder is a powerful machine that removes many tree stumps. Stump grinders have a rotating cutting wheel with carbide teeth attached. The cutting wheel sits above the stump, and the machine slowly moves back and forth, grinding it into small pieces. Stump grinding also benefits the environment, allowing the stump to decompose naturally over time. If a stump is left to rot, it can attract pests and diseases, spreading to other trees in the area. These tools often work in conjunction with the feller buncher. 

Other traditional construction vehicles...

The dump truck, cement trucks, bulldozers, forklifts, and cranes are other popular heavy equipment vehicles. 

  • The dump truck and cement truck transport loose materials, such as sand, gravel, dirt, and cement. They have an open box bed that is hydraulically operated to dump the contents at a specific location. 
  • Dump trucks come in various sizes and can carry different loads, depending on their capacity. Dump and cement trucks come in various sizes and capacities, often equipped with hydraulics for easy unloading.
  • Bulldozers, in particular, are an essential tool in the construction industry. These mighty machines level terrain, push materials and move heavy objects. They are also commonly used in the demolition of old structures and buildings.
  • The Forklift- Forklifts lift and move heavy objects, such as pallets of materials or equipment. They have a pair of forks that raise and lower to lift the load. Forklifts come in various sizes and can be customized to fit specific construction needs.
  • Cranes are essential for lifting and moving heavy objects such as steel beams, concrete slabs, and construction materials. These machines assemble large structures such as bridges and skyscrapers.

Non-traditional types of construction vehicles…

Motor Vehicle: Motor vehicles, such as cars, trucks, and vans, transport equipment, tools, and workers to and from a construction site. Motor vehicles come in various sizes for specific construction needs. Many are durable and able to handle rough terrain.

Articulated Truck: Articulated trucks transport heavy loads over rough terrain. They have an articulated joint to navigate rugged terrain, such as construction sites. Articulated trucks come in various sizes and can be customized to fit specific construction needs.

Benefits of vehicles used in construction...

Efficiency and productivity

One of the primary benefits of construction vehicles is their ability to increase efficiency and productivity on construction sites. These machines can perform tasks much faster and with less effort than manual labor, allowing construction workers to focus on more complex and skilled tasks. 

Safety at the Construction site 

Moreover, construction vehicles enhance safety on construction sites. Many of these machines have safety features such as backup cameras, warning systems, and protective cages to prevent accidents and injuries on a job site.

In conclusion, construction vehicles will continue to flourish...

Construction vehicles are essential to building and developing infrastructure around the world. They are a critical tool in the construction industry and play a vital role in creating new buildings, roads, bridges, and other infrastructure. These machines help construction companies complete projects safely, efficiently, and on time.

To learn more about the types of heavy construction equipment, check out this article by Allied Market Research here:

Living in Madison, WI

Living in Madison Wisconsin? Janesville? Come on Down to Badger!

For those who don’t know, Madison, Wisconsin, is a vibrant and diverse city that offers many advantages to those who call it home. Madison has something to offer everyone, from our beautiful lakes and parks to world-renowned universities and thriving economy. Did you know that the city of Madison ranks as one of the best places to live in the United States? In fact, in 2021, Madison was ranked as the 16th best place to live by U.S. News. This ranking is primarily due to the city’s strong economy, excellent education options, and high quality of life.

What Is it Like Living in Madison Wisconsin?

Another advantage of living in Madison Wisconsin is its natural beauty. The city is on a jewel between two lakes, close to beautiful parks and natural areas. Residents can enjoy activities such as hiking, biking, boating, and fishing right in the heart of the city. 

Madison is also home to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which consistently ranks as one of the best public universities in the country. The university attracts top talent worldwide and contributes to the city’s thriving intellectual and cultural scene. Residents of Madison can attend lectures, concerts, and other cultural events on campus and take advantage of the university’s world-class research facilities. Let’s go Badgers!

In addition to its natural beauty and robust educational system, Madison also has a thriving economy.

The city has many large employers, including the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Epic Systems, and American Family Insurance. In recent years, Madison has also become a hub for tech startups and entrepreneurs, with many new businesses choosing to shop in the city.

Where Does Badger Contractor Rental and Supply Fit in, Living in Madison Wisconsin?

Badger Contractor Rental and Supply has been in business in Madison, Wisconsin, for over 20 years.

We started in the 1960s on Gilson Street in Madison and have since grown and changed, but one thing has remained constant: Our commitment to providing exceptional customer service. We believe in serving our customers in a personalized manner dating back to when you could pick up the phone and talk to someone who knew something about your project.

We proudly serve the greater Dane County area, providing top-quality equipment and supplies to contractors, builders, and homeowners.

We expanded our services to the Rock County area in 2008, and since then, we have become a trusted partner in the local construction industry. At our stores, we have a showroom employed with happy and knowledgeable employees who dedicate themselves to serving our customers’ needs. Building strong relationships with our clients is essential to our success, and we take pride in providing exceptional customer service.

Doing business the right way, we have generational customers who get together with their families and say things like, “Let’s go down to Badger and see what they have new!”

We have customers that stop in and don’t purchase or rent anything but enjoy hanging out with us and talking about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. At Badger, we don’t just encourage this interaction; we look forward to it! 

Present in our Madison and Janesville communities, we genuinely enjoy the commitment to supporting our local neighborhoods.

We are proud to be part of the Wisconsin community and believe in giving back to the people who have supported us over the years. We support local organizations and events, including sponsoring youth sports teams, donating equipment and supplies to local schools, and participating in community fundraisers. Of course, we must remember the almighty Wisconsin Badgers football and basketball teams! It is our belief that supporting Wisconsin communities is not just the right thing to do but is also good for business. When our communities thrive, so do we.

Our responsibility as a company is to contribute to the communities we serve. By supporting our localities, we are helping to create a better future for all of us. As an American-owned, American-bred company, doing business the right way is not just a slogan for us at Badger Contractor Rental and Supply. At our core, it guides everything we do. We strive to conduct our business with honesty, integrity, and respect for our customers, employees, and partners. 

We understand the critical role American-owned companies play in our economy.

By supporting American-made products and services, consumers can help support jobs and promote economic growth in our country. At Badger Contractor Rental and Supply, we are committed to creating jobs in our local communities and contributing to the local economy. We know that trust is the foundation of any successful business relationship, and we work hard to earn and maintain the trust of our customers. 

By providing high-quality products and services and treating our customers with respect and honesty, we have earned a reputation as a company that people can rely on. Our employees are our most significant assets at Badger, and we strive to attract and retain top talent. Our workplace culture values honesty, respect, and collaboration. By treating our employees well and providing opportunities for growth and development, we have attracted and retained some of the best talents in our industry. 

In addition to our community involvement, we dedicate ourselves to providing high-quality equipment and supplies to our customers.

We understand that every project is unique and requires personalized attention. That’s why we take the time to get to know our customers and their needs, providing expert advice and guidance. Our equipment and supplies are of great quality, ensuring our customers can rely on them to do the job correctly. Over the years, our company has grown to offer various equipment and supplies for projects, including concrete equipment, air compressors, generators, and more. 

We are proud to say that we have become one of the area's most trusted providers of rental equipment and supplies.

However, our growth has not changed our commitment to serving customers and meeting their needs. We believe in going above and beyond for our customers at Badger Contractor Rental and Supply. When you call us, you will speak to someone knowledgeable who will take the time to understand your project. Our commitment to customer service extends beyond just providing equipment and supplies. We also offer delivery and pickup services to make the rental process convenient for our customers. We understand that time is money in the construction industry, so we ensure that our equipment and supplies are delivered on time and in good condition. 

In addition to our commitment to meeting our customers' needs, we value transparency and honesty in our business dealings.

Trust is essential in any business relationship, and we work hard to earn and maintain the trust of our customers. We are upfront about our pricing and make sure that there are no hidden fees or surprises.

Lastly, the staff at Badger would like to say thank you. We would not have lasted 20 years without our great customers.

Our commitment to customer service has been at the forefront of why we do business since our founding on Gilson Street in Madison. While we have grown and changed over the years, we continue to serve our customers with the same level of dedication and personalized attention that was once the norm in the construction industry. When you choose Badger, you can be sure that you are choosing a company that values your business and your satisfaction above all else.


Weekend Special

Weekend Project?  A 1 day charge for the weekend!  Pick up Friday afternoon between 3pm – 5pm and return Monday morning (before 8 am) for a 1 day rental charge! *extra charges may apply to machines with 8 hour limits per day (skid steers, mini excavators,etc)