Madison, WI

Brush Chippers / Wood Chippers

Mulch up unwanted brush, twigs, tree limbs and stumps. 6″ to 12″ Capacity Brush Chippers.

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  • Chipper

    Brush / Wood Chipper – 12″ Max Capacity

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    2-5/16″ Tow Hitch Required with Trailer Brakes
    12″ Capacity Drum Style Chipper | 12″ x 17″ Opening
    Diesel Engine – 74 HP
    25 Gallon Diesel Fuel Tank
    4,995 Lbs.
    Will be full of diesel full / Return full to avoid additional charges

    Best for larger diameter grinding. For smaller brush / wood please see the 6″.

  • Chipper

    Brush / Wood Chipper – 6″ Max Capacity

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    2″ Ball Required to Tow
    1,800 Lbs
    6″ Max Inlet Capacity
    25HP Gas Engine
    Fuel tank will be full, please refill upon returning to avoid additional charges