Compaction Equipment - Plates / Rammers / Rollers

Plate Compactors great for compacting asphalt, soil, pavers and sub bases. Rammers for tight spaces and excellent compaction force. Large reversing hydraulic plates for large areas and deep compaction. Ride on rollers for asphalt patching and lawn flattening.

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  • Paver Compactor Multiquip MVB85H

    Paver Compactor Multiquip MVB85H

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    The machines’ hard rubber rollers make it virtually impossible to chip corners, scratch, break or drag […]

  • Plate Compactor

    Plate Compactor

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    Product Details

    Available With or Without Water Tank
    Great for Pavers, SubBases, Asphalt and Gravel
    Overall Height 37 in
    Operating Weight 207 lbs
    Centrifugal Force 3372 lbf
    Plate Size 19.7 x 20.7 in
    Exciter Speed 6000 VPM

    Optional Paver Pad

    $30 Day / $85 Week

    Paver Pad

  • MTX60HD


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    Product Details

    High impact compaction for tight areas like trenches, foundations and backfills.
    Works with non granular material like clay and soil.
    Overall Length 28.1 in Overall Width 13.8 in Overall Height 40.4 in
    Operating Weight 141 lb

  • Mikasa Reversible Plate Compactors

    Reversing Plate Compactor

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    Product Details

    Operating weight 463 lbs
    Centrifugal force 8,318 lbf
    Base plate size (W x L) 28.3″ x 19.7″
    Exciter Speed 5200 VPM
    Advance travel max. (depending on soil & environmental factors) 85 ft/min
    Surface capacity max. (depending on soil & environmental factors) 9,171 ft²/h
    Fuel Consumption .67 Gallons per Hour

  • MQ AR13HA


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    Product Details

    Dimensions & Weights
    Overall Length 89.5 in Overall Width 38.25 in Overall Height 87 in
    Operating Weight 3173 lbs

    Drum Specifications
    Front Drum Width 35.7 in
    Rear Drum Width 35.7 in

    Unit Specifications
    Compaction Force 3100 lb
    Frequency 4000 VPM
    Travel Speed 0-4.8 mph
    Water Tank Capacity 40 gal

    Recommended Trailer – Drop Deck Trailer Rental