Air tools

Chipping hammers, paving breakers, rock drills and rivet busters form Chicago Pneumatic and Sullair. Stocking chisels and points for all your air powered equipment as well.

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  • CP Breaker

    Chicago Pneumatic Breakers

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    Our pneumatic breakers are available in different models and sizes in order to suit a variety of applications. There is a choice of several different shanks to cater to needs in different markets. You can also choose from standard breakers, standard breakers with a muffler for noise reduction (S models) and vibrationreduced breakers with state-of-the-art vibration dampening (SVR models). All S and SVR models comply with the European Union Noise Directive (2000/14/EC) and are CE-marked.

  • CP Chipping

    Chicago Pneumatic Chipping Hammers

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    From chipping to cutting, our chipping hammers balance reliable hitting power with easy handling for dependable performance in a wide range of environmental conditions. They’re designed to deliver the optimal specific bpm for light and medium-hard renovation and construction tasks.

  • CP Rivet Buster

    CP Rivet Busters

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    For excellent hitting power per kg, our rivet busters are the right choice — delivering one of the best power-to-weight ratios available. A T-handle breaker would need to be at least twice as heavy to provide equivalent performance. Yet even with all this power, our rivet busters are easy to control thanks to low blow frequency and a teasing throttle. They’re perfect for a variety of concrete and metal applications.

    PNEUMATIC RIVET BUSTERS CP 4608 P CP 4608 D CP 4611 P CP 4611 D
    Weight kg 13.5 14 15 15.5
    Length mm 584 600 660 676
    Air Consumption l/s 21 21 21 21
    Blows Per Minute bpm 900 900 720 720
    Vibration Level 3 Axes (ISO 20643) m/s² 12.6 12.3 13.3 14.3
    Sound Power Level Guaranteed (2000/14/EC) dB(A) 105 105 105 105
    Sound Pressure Level (ISO 11203) dB(A) 93 93 93 93
    Trigger Type Outside Inside Outside Inside
    Air Inlet 1/2″ NPTF 1/2″ NPTF 1/2″ NPTF 1/2″ NPTF
    Handle Type Open D Open D
    Cylinder Short (8″) Short (8″) Long (11″) Long (11″)
    Chuck Size Jumbo Jumbo Jumbo Jumbo
    Part Number 8900 0001 49 8900 0001 51 8900 0001 50 8900 0001 52
  • Air Tool Steel

    Steel Accessories for Air Tools

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    Points & Chisels air Tools

  • Sullair Breaker

    Sullair Breakers

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    Our direct-impact, non-corrosive automatic valve design with its one-piece housing dramatically reduces air consumption. You can operate multiple tools from a single compressor

  • Sullair Chipping

    Sullair Chipping Hammers

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    Our four-bolt backhead design reduces handle breakage and eliminates the common problem of a threaded handle-to-barrel connection coming loose, damaging the handle and internal parts. The strong “D” configuration provides a comfortable, sure grip even for a gloved hand. Our chipping hammer is available in 2″, 3″ and 4″ strokes with either .680 round or .580 hex bushings.