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We stock water based and solvent based cure and seals, white pigmented curing compounds, form and decorative release .

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  • A bucket of D-Shield.

    D-Shield Penetrating Concrete Sealer

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    Dual functioning chemical reactive curing compound and water repellent with a low viscosity for better penetration on concrete substrates. Unique formulation provides superior water and salt resistance.

  • A bucket of Diamond Shine.

    DecoCrete Diamond Shine Concrete Sealer

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    A high gloss, UV resistant acrylic copolymer concrete sealer intended as a cure/cure & seal for all types of concrete. Improved resistance to rain, sun, freezing temperatures, stains, and other pollutants that sometimes can be hazardous to concrete.

  • A bucket of Rejuvenator.

    Rejuvenator – Concrete Sealer Restorer

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    Bring back the shine and color of your existing concrete sealer.  Used to restore heavily coated existing solvent based acrylic sealers that have started to soften, fade, peel, crack, delaminate and deteriorate.

    • Superior ability to fix excessively coated acrylic sealer issues as opposed to expensive coating stripping
    • Revitalizes the existing surface without adding more acrylic
    • Very fast drying time highly reduces the risk of trapped solvent or other types of moisture issues
    • Ultra low viscosity allows for easy spraying through a sprayer
  • A bucket of Spraycure.

    ChemMasters Spray Cure and Seal 25

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    Spray-Cure & Seal 25 produces a medium gloss, clear, continuous film which effectively cures fresh concrete and protects concrete surfaces from intrusion of water, water borne contaminants and dirt.

  • Polyseal

    ChemMaster Polyseal Concrete Cure & Seal

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    Polyseal is a high solids, high performance concrete curing & sealing compound. This state-of-the-art proprietary formulation completely resists discoloration from ultraviolet light exposure, creating a glossy membrane which remains clear throughout its service life.

  • ChemMasters Release

    Release 5 Gallon Pail

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    • Plywood, high density plywood, wood, fiberglass, steel and aluminum forms
    • Poured in place or formed concrete
    • Equipment such as paving machines, bucket hoists, concrete pumps and buggies
    • Metal door and window frames
  • Polyseal WB

    ChemMaster Polyseal WB water based concrete cure & seal

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    Polyseal WB is a high solids, water-based, non yellowing, acrylic concrete curing and sealing compound. This state-of-the-art proprietary formulation forms a tough acrylic film to effectively cure fresh concrete and protect older concrete.

  • Antique Release

    Antique Release Powder

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    Add depth and dimensions to stamped concrete while preventing pull-up and reducing wear on texturing tools. Antique Release serves as a bond breaker and keep stamps from sticking to the surface of the concrete. At the same time, it adds antiquing and highlighting for more realistic, attractive stamped hardscapes.

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  • Antique It

    Brickform Antique-It

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    Antique the surface of cured concrete at any time using Antique-It. Perfect as the primary source of antiquing on a recently placed stamped slab or as a restoration tool for years’ old concrete, Antique-It allows for highlighting to be easily applied on unsealed textured concrete. Antique-It is well suited to add antiquing on slabs after Liquid Release is used.

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  • A bottle of Brickform.

    Brickform E-Etch Surface Prep

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    E-Etch is a cleansing and surface preparation agent that contains no hydrochloric acid. It is safe to use, rinses easily, and biodegradable. Use E-Etch to lightly etch cementitious surfaces, remove grime and contaminants during surface preparation, or to clean and maintain decorative concrete surfaces.

  • A bottle of Neutraclean.

    Brickform Neutra Clean

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    Neutra Clean is a concentrated neutralizer and mild degreasing and cleansing agent. Use Neutra Clean in conjunction with E-Etch to neutralize the concrete surface, readying it for product application. Neutra Clean is also suitable for light-duty cleaning and release powder removal.

  • Artesian Stain

    Brickform Artesian Stain

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    Use water-based stains on cementitious surfaces including stamped concrete, concrete overlays, and some natural rock or masonry. Dilute, mix, and shade stains for a variety of unique coloring effects. With no acid or reactive chemicals, water-based stains are easy, safe, and predictable to use.

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  • Cem-Coat

    Brickform Cem-Coat

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    Restore, refresh, or redo with Brickform Cem-Coat. This cementitious material colors existing smooth and lightly textured concrete surfaces. Cem-Coat is a richly pigmented, paint-like product that makes opaque, UV- and mildew-resistant color on vertical and horizontal surfaces indoors and out.

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  • Free Style Pro Highlight

    Brickform Freestyle Pro

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    FreestylePro is an opaque water-based stain that penetrates and bonds with the surface of concrete. Use it to rapidly rejuvenate textured and stamped concrete. Along with the corresponding antiquing agent – FreestylePro Highlighter – FreestylePro is self-sealing and easily applied.

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  • Day 1 Finishing Aid

    Day1 Concrete Finishing Aid – 1 Gallon Concentrate

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    Use unique colloidal silica technology to make architectural concrete better. Improve finishing, reduce surface defects, and enhance performance all without harming color and appearance. DAY1® is vital part of any concrete installation.

    – 1 Gallon of Concentrate
    – Concentrated formula, dilute with water 4:1, 5 gallon concentrate

  • Liquid Release

    Liquid Release – Decorative

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    Liquid Release prevents texturing tools from sticking to plastic concrete, prevents pull-up, and reduces wear on tools. Liquid Release is a non-pigmented release agent that does not produce nuisance dust like powdered release agents.


  • Safe Cure

    ChemMasters Safe Cure 1200 White

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    Safe-Cure® 1200 is a water based, white pigmented, wax emulsion concrete curing compound for concrete.

  • ChemMasters Thin Patch

    ChemMasters Thin Patch 50 Lb Bag

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    ChemMasters Thin Patch is a versatile, multipurpose repair mortar consisting of blended graded quartz, silica sand, cements, and proprietary additives. It is a single component, polymer modified mortar designed for thin repairs to horizontal, vertical and overhead concrete. ChemMasters Thin Patch is specially formulated for thin repairs from featheredge to 1” (25 mm).