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Floor Brushes

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  • 18″ Street Broom with Tapered Handle

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    Magnolia Quality Street Brooms are staple set in a smooth sanded hardwood block and made from some of the the highest quality material available. Magnolia Street brooms are built for use in rugged conditions and made to last. Bulk packed, durable long lasting plastic will outlast natural fiber. Will not absorb odors, mildew, rot or discolor. Will not absorb water and rinses clean. Wide flare on ends allows close sweeping to curbs.

  • 24″ Floor Brush

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    Coarse Brown Plastic Center/ Silver Flagged Tip Plastic Border

    Includes Wood Handle
    Recommended Use: The coarse plastic center rows sweep the coarse dirt while the fine flagged-tip plastic sweeps the fine dust and dirt. For dry sweeping smooth or rough floors that have heavy dust and dirt accumulations.

  • 24″ Floor Brush Black Plastic Bristles

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    Black Plastic

    Includes Handle
    Recommended Use: For wet or dry sweeping rough or semi-smooth concrete, wood, asphalt, etc.

  • 36″ Grey Flagged FlexSweep w/ Handle

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    Silver Flagged Tip Plastic

    Includes Flex Sweep Handle

    Recommended Use: For sweeping smooth, highly polished floors, varnished wood or smooth concrete. Will sweep finest dust or grit.


  • Heavy Duty Contractor Broom

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    Made of best quality selected broom corn with Palmyra stalk center. Sewed 4 times and reinforced with a wire band. Made on a 1 1/8” diameter clear-lacquered handle.

    Recommended Use: This broom is ideal for use in the construction trade for sweeping moderate to heavy debris.