Propane, kerosene and natural gas job-site heaters to keep you warm while working outdoors. Several BTU options available as well as indirect heaters and tent heaters from LB White.
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  • LB White Boss Heater

    LB White Boss Direct Fired Heater

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    Combines 99% fuel efficiency with the ability to distribute heat into large construction or industrial spaces.

  • LB White Convection Heaters

    LB White Convection Heaters

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    The Workman standard-duty portable convection heaters feature adjustable output control to save fuel, and a unique top design for superior heat distribution. L.B. White’s Workman portable heaters provide 360° heating and do not require electricity.

  • LB White Torches

    LB White Handheld Torches

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    L.B. White’s Torchman (portable and lightweight) and Bertha (heavy-duty) torches are perfect for burning brush, thawing pipes, roofing, melting ice, asphalt prep and other similar heating uses.

  • LB White Foreman Heater

    LB White Portable Foreman Series Indirect Fired Heaters

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    The Foreman is a vented portable heater ideal for providing dry, clean heat into insulated spaces, work areas, heating docks or anywhere 100% clean air is needed. L.B. White’s ductable Foreman heater features a fuel-saving high efficiency heat exchanger, quiet operation, and high CFM

  • LB White Kerosene Heaters

    LB White Portable Kerosene Heaters

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    When using gas is not convenient, or a self-contained fuel source is desired, Tradesman kerosene portable heaters provide instant, efficient directional heat. A dependable dual-prong electronic spark ignition, heavy duty enclosed motor, and brass fuel fittings are just a few of the features that provide the long life and trouble free operation you expect from L.B. White.

  • LB White Premier

    LB White Portable Premier Heaters

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    These versatile portable heaters are great for applications for the temporary heating of buildings under construction, alteration, or repair.* Use Premier® heaters in construction applications where an enclosed flame is important, and low noise is necessary to improve communication.

  • LB White Tradesman Heater

    LB White Tradesman Heaters

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    L.B. White has perfected every aspect of our portable construction heaters design to withstand harsh working environments. This has led to our reputation for reliability, durability and serviceability in the field.