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Material Sprayers

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  • An image of a barrel mounted sprayer.

    MBW Barrel Mounted Sprayers

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    The BMS74 and BMS95 mix and spray water based curing and sealing compounds and form release agents for concrete applications. The BMS74 features a 7.5 gpm roller pump and will handle up to 25% solids efficiently. The BMS95 utilizes a 9.5 gpm diaphragm pump for handling heavier particulate loads up to 35%.


    MultiQuip WSC55BM Chemical Sprayer

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    Multiquip’s New WSC55BM Chemical Spraying System offers versatility. It can be mounted in the WSC55C transport cart for mobility or be used by itself as a barrel mount spraying system. This unit was developed to be durable and cost effective.

  • Acid Staining Sprayer

    Chapin 2 gallon Acid Sprayer

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    The Chapin Industrial Acid Staining Sprayer is specifically designed and equipped to handle the acids for acid staining and cleaning associated with acid staining. The 2-gallon translucent poly tank comes with a wide 4-inch mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning, poly shut off and an adjustable ceramic poly cone nozzle that sprays a coarse stream to a fine mist. Featuring acid and chemical-resistant seals and gaskets, and pressure relief valve.

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    Chapin Concrete Sprayer 3.5 Gallon Industrial Sprayer

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    he Chapin Industrial Viton Concrete Sprayer has a 3.5-gallon tri-poxy lined steel tank that provides triple protection against rust, corrosion and damage from denting. Featuring a large 4-inch mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning, brass wand, brass shut-off, brass fan tip nozzle for even coverage, a 48-inch reinforced hose with threaded fittings and Viton seals for most concrete sealer applications (check chemical manufacturers instructions before use). Our open head tanks have a unique Tri-Lock seal that insures the pump cap locks tightly into place.