Madison, WI

ChemMasters Thin Patch 50 Lb Bag


ChemMasters Thin Patch is a versatile, multipurpose repair mortar consisting of blended graded quartz, silica sand, cements, and proprietary additives. It is a single component, polymer modified mortar designed for thin repairs to horizontal, vertical and overhead concrete. ChemMasters Thin Patch is specially formulated for thin repairs from featheredge to 1” (25 mm).


  • Interior or exterior repair of horizontal, vertical and overhead concrete and masonry surfaces
  • Filling voids and honeycombs in foundation work and walls
  • Repairing spalls, cracks or chips in floors, driveways, sidewalks, steps, etc.
  • Leveling low spots, “birdbaths”, in concrete slabs


  • Excellent flexural, tensile and compressive strengths for durable repairs
  • Forms chemical and mechanical bond to sound surfaces; does not require special bonding agent
  • Polymer modified for resistance to deicing chemicals, salts, fertilizers, acids or alkalis
  • Excellent abrasion and impact resistance
  • Dense surface texture for improved freeze/thaw resistance
  • Featheredge to 1” (25 mm) depth in one lift; may be placed in layers for full depth repairs

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