Redi Driver Commercial / DOT Package

REDI Driver Commercial / DOT package is a user-friendly package with everything you will need for most fence posts, sign posts, guide posts & more.

REDIdotpckg is the best priced and the best performing commercial gas powered post driver package on the market! This is a commercial quality package built to stand up to daily use. You will receive the following items:

* REDIboss78 post driver
* REDIslvboss78 reducer sleeve with 2 ¼” ID
* Exclusive REDImagnum105 guide tube with 4 1/8” ID
* Exclusive REDIhandlkit2.5 2 1/2’ Handle Extension Kit.

Increase your production with this simple user-friendly system and work safer. Perfect for posts from t post size up to the larger u channel & guide posts. Reducer sleeves in a variety of sizes available for purchase separately.

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Easy to use and lighter than expected

September 27, 2021

The post pounder was infinitely easier than using an auger and concrete, and I don’t think I sacrificed any stability. It was lighter than expected and made very short work of my fence job. Would absolutely recommend

Victor Toniolo

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