Madison, WI

Gas Powered Vacuum BW A-404

The A-404 Pulse Vac has been designed for the contractor who requires large amounts of dust containment. The A-404 has four primary filters that are pulsed clean every 6 seconds with a reversed charge of compressed air; ensuring a continuous vacuum. The A-404 Pulse Vac has two 5” hose inlets allowing large air volume. The A-404 collector can hold a 55 gallon drum of material containing up to 1000 lbs. It’s easy to use latch down strap allows use with any 55 gallon drum. Chain pivots attached to latch down strap give user easy dumping ability with forklift truck. Optional motor choices of 220V Electrical or Gasoline Engine. With your reduction in filter cleaning labor combined with it’s adaptability to all shrouded equipment, the A-404 Pulse Vac is the most essential and recommended dust collector system for today’s contractor.

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