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Day1 Concrete Finishing Aid - 1 Gallon Concentrate


Use unique colloidal silica technology to make architectural concrete better. Improve finishing, reduce surface defects, and enhance performance all without harming color and appearance. DAY1® is vital part of any concrete installation.

– 1 Gallon of Concentrate
– Concentrated formula, dilute with water 4:1, 5 gallon concentrate

Why Use DAY1 Finishing Aid

DAY1 offers a multitude of advanced features and benefits for freshly-placed concrete, and provides long-term high performance properties to treated concrete surfaces:

Finishing Aid
  • Designed to improve workability under hot, dry & windy conditions. Will save a slab
  • Reduces operator fatigue and trowel wear
  • Aids application of shake-on hardeners in low bleedwater environments
  • Helps finish high performance concretes
  • Concentrate and ready-to-use formulas
Hardening & Densification
  • Increases abrasion & impact resistance
  • Increases surface compressive strength
  • Creates a denser, less-permeable surface for resistance to liquid penetration
Concrete Curing
  • Retains moisture in the slab during curing
  • Reduces water vapor transmission (MVER)
  • Mitigates volume of water vapors
Efflorescence & Surface Defect
  • Colloidal silica chemical reaction reduces Ca(OH)2 migration
  • Reduces efflorescence on both colored & non-colored concrete
  • Minimizes checking, crazing & scaling
  • Decreases potential for alkali silica reaction (ASR)
  • Ideal for all colored and decorative concrete applications
Curling Reduction
  • Reduces potential for slab curling

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